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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 31, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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critics and political rivals. >> and a reevaluation of safe ty of the new conseven after several people fell trying to get an autograph from seth cur are ry. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. it's thursday. the last day of march. i'm ryan flores. pam cook will join us at five let's get started a check on weather and traffic. it's shaping up to be a very nice day. >> unless you are by the coast where it's pretty cold. upper 50s. >> that's pretty cold. >> even in san francisco. inland, yes. temperatures are bumping up each day. few upper 60's. very low 70s but an even bigger fog bank. those colder ocean temperatures help. all the cloud cover spinning off. just to far to the south. that's not an issue but look at the fog. low clouds are most seeing mostly cloudy to cloudy unless
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you are far inland. 40s, 50s. temperatures running much warmer on the lows. again the low clouds head back. the big low that was giving us all this breeze and -- some of that cloud cover is just to faraway. low clouds mostly sunny. 50s. mini summer pattern. upper 50s, low 60's. upper 60s to a few near 70. here hes. the man with the traffic. hello steve. good morning. happy almost friday. as brian says friday eve. >> that's right. >> good morning. let's go out and take a look at what we have. we don't have a lot going on. this is a look at the drive here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a very nice drive as you might expect. it's nice and early. the traffic has been looking good. checking with chp we don't have a lot going on. this is a look at interstate 880 and traffic in both directions does look good as you drive south to haywood or
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north to oakland this is northbound 280 right there on the right. getting in to the valley, going to a job early you won't have any trouble on the road on 280, 101 or 85. now at 4:01 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. the campaign trail has been rocked again by controversial comments by donald trump. this time the republican front runner is taking back his remarks. it comes just days before the wisconsin primary and some say trump could be in trouble there. >> reporter: the babb lash was swift to trump's comments on abortion and so was his correction. >> the church --. >> reporter: first this in a town hall event in green bay wisconsin yesterday. >> do you believe many punishment for abortion? yes or no >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for many what? >> yes. >> reporter: there was outrage from his democratic opponents >> what trump said today was
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outrageous and dangerous. >> to punish a woman for having an abortion is beyond understanding. >> reporter: the idea that women having an abortion should be held legally procedures will runs counter to the real core of the prolife movement and even trump's fellow gop candidates piled on. >> women shouldn't be punished. >> it's the latest demonstration of how little he has thought about any of the serious issues facing the country. republican the trump campaign said the doctor or any other person preforming this illegal act upon a woman would be held responsible, not the woman. >> nobody respects women more than trump. that i can tell you. nobody. >> reporter: this comes as there may be more trouble ahead for him a new poll shows he is poised to loose in wisconsin. the margin of error is large but it shows that ted cruz is now ten points ahead of trump and kasich just nine points
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behind him. on the other hand the contest after wisconsin for republicans is new york and there is a new poll out this morning showing that trump has a 36 point lead there. in washington. fox news. california attorney general also spoke out following the comments. writing in a wyatt we must do more, not less to protect access to reproductive health care. happening now people around the world are putting putting in their refer vision -- to buy the newest tesla. at least this man decided to camp outside the wall net creek store yesterday morning. he said that he can't wait to get one because he said they represent the energy future and they are made in america. here is a thing though. nobody knows what they look like but one woman said that won't stop her husband. >> my husband is really excited about it. he will be here in the morning to put in his reservation to
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buy a car he hasn't seen yet. >> people who don't want to go to a tesla store can put in their reservation and make their deposit online starting at 8:30 tonight. that's when the founder will show everybody what the model 3 looks like. delivery is scheduled for next year and the full price again 35 grand. that will make it the first widely available electric car that some consider affordable. the owners and developer of the historic clairmont hotel in the east bay hills will hold a community meeting to address neighborhood concerns about expansion plans a group that includes a husband of senator diane feinstein bought the club and spa and they want to build 45 condos in what is the parking lot just outside the hotel lobby. the developer said the building will be inspired by the history of the clairmont which was built in 1915. >> we don't want to copy the hotel because it's iconic byes it but we want something that
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goes with it so that the new look can pay homag oh, the existing one. >> there has been an acertification that no views would be affected but we are not -- that may be true of the neighbors but we are interested in the views of the clairmont from the surrounding area. >> parking for the condos and the hotel would be underground in that area. tonight's meeting as the results at seven at the hotel and designs will be shown to neighbors for the first time. if approved construction could start in 2018. also happening today, state lawmakers are scheduled to vote on raising california's minimum wage to the highest in the country. the governor, some legislators and labor unions have already agreed in principle to having the lowest paid workers earn $15 an hour by the year 2022. the plan has been approved by a committee but the full assembly and state senate need to vote on it. opponents say it would hurt california businesses and people will loose their jobs
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but supporters say that a high ermine mum wage is a step toward social justice. janitors, fast food workers plan to rally today in san jose to support the pay measure they say it's only fit that a vote could change the lives of immigrants, people of color and women should come on ceasar chavez day. it'll start at noon. work ealso march to the federal building. in a proposal to build a homeless village in san jose is facing stiff opposition. the plan is to put modular homes on an empty plot of land off highway 87 on the out skirts of the willowglen neighborhood. more than 100 people attended an emotional meeting about the project. the city wants to build modular temporary homes with locked bedrooms and communal bathrooms. folks in the area are angry that the city is considering building so close to where they
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live. >> i want to know the idiots that thought up this plan. all the big brains downtown. this is the plan they come up with? they will move them to our neighborhood? >> the idea of homeless village is a place for them to start to reintegrate into society again. >> the city of san jose stresses the project is not [inaudible] or a tent city but neighbors say crime in the area is bad enough and they fear it would only get worse. south bay leaders encouraging churches and other faith based organizations to help solve the homeless crisis. the san jose mayor wants faith leaders to ask their church if they have a spare room or extra housing for homeless vets. the board of supervisors last week passed a measure offering financial incentives to landlords renting to homeless vets. officials hope to house 700 homeless vets over the next two years. four people were hurt when they fell a short distance out of the stands in salt lake city
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while trying to get seth curry's autograph. >> come on man. >> curry had stopped to signa a few items as he always tries to do a railing gave way and the fans including three minors fell. one person went to a first aid station on their own. the others were treated and returned to their seats. the jazz say they are going to look at safety around the court. the warriors needed extra time to win their 68 68th game of the season. after missing a three with time winding down clay thompson got the ball back made it, tied the game at 89 and then the warriors would run away with it overtime to beat the jazz 1003- 96. seth curry finished with 31 points. they are back loam on friday night. they need to win five of the
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final seven to break the nba record of 72 wins in a season. the giants and a's are back in the bay area for their final tune up. they kick off a three game series tonight. it'll be he chris basset at at&t park. tomorrow's game also at at&t park. on saturday afternoon the funs will play in oakland. the a's start the season at home on monday against the white sox. the giants will be on the road in milwaukee on monday. before heading back to san francisco the giants were in sacramento facing their aaa associate the river cats. you see him there on the mound. he allowed eight hits, struck out four. also picked off three runners. the triple b's, all hit home runs. the giants won 8-4 in front of a sold out crowd. attack in a parking garage and a phone stolen by two women. in 20 minutes the two robberies under investigation on the uc
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berkeley campus. >> first a massive clean uneffort is underway this morning after severe weather rip across the south. we will look at the damage and tell you where the storm is headed next. >> good morning. we are looking at a drive that will be okay if you are driving on the bridges. this is a look at the golden gate bridge. southbound 101 traffic looks good so far. >> and the weather will look good inland. fog, a lot of fog. kind of hugging the coast and bay today. we will look at what impact has on the bay and temperature.
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we are following developing news out of india where at least 14 people were killed and another 150 are feared trapped when an overpass under construction collapse onto traffic below. it happened in the eastern city of calcutta. efforts underway to rescue those trapped. the overpass from what we understand has been under construction since 2009. it's missed several deadlines loomation. several tornadoes touched down in tulsa oklahoma last night. the storms battered homes and forced road closures. at least seven were injured. emergency crews in tulsa are searching every damaged home to make sure there are no more victims. >> get down, get on the floor.
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two minutes later all the high winds just came through and tore up everything. broke out windows. it was pretty intense. outside of fort worth texas large hail cracked many car windows. the storm system has left tens of thousands of homes across the central united states without power as well the storm is moving further east, georgia is bracing for several inches of rain a third american the wife of an air force officer has died from injuries from the terror attack in brussels. these are photographs from her facebook page showing her and her husband who is still in the hospital due to the explosion along with the couple's four children. they had been living in the nethe are, lands where he stationed and facebook photographs show the family enjoying their time in europe traveling. police in belgium are increasing security for the prime minister after photographs of his home were found on a laptop belonging to
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one of the terrorists. the laptop was found in a trash bin. investigators say that the photographs show the prime minister's residence and a floor plan of his office. they have reportedly asked the united states to help analyze information on that computer. 32 people were killed in last week's attacks at the airport and subway. hundreds more were injured. time is 4:16. let's check in with our friends on traffic. >> its quiet. good morning to you we don't have a lot going on which is just the way we like it for this early hour. let's go to the east bay. start with highway 24. it looks good as you drive toward the tunnel. no major problems. also the morning drive looks good as you drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. driving through the area. if are you driving in the santa clara valley any time soon it should be a nice drive for you. if are you driving on 101, 280 or 85 no major problems as you
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drive in this area many it's 4:16. let's bring steve in here. >> thank you. we have a lot of low clouds and fog. more so today than yid. yesterday wasn't bad either. that kept the coast and city on the cool side with a lot of upper other's. i don't see much change here today. big fog bank. nice unland. temperatures come up a couple of degrees. upper 60s to 70's but struggling to reach 60s. tomorrow looks to be the same a dry weekend. warmer should be maybe a little earlier burn off but there is lendy to go around. we will keep that in the mix. most of the higher clouds have moved off. that system that's responsible for it. the low has moved in to the rockies and points east. 40s and other's the lows will be warmer this morning than we have had the past couple of mornings. i don't think we will see any 30s. maybe one or two but mill valley 42. low 50s. windsor in there. bodega bay, that's six warmer than yesterday. low clouds, slow to burn back to the coast and everything as
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far as that big system that we had is moved out of the picture. morning low clouds and a lot here. even san jose has cloudy conditions and they -- storm track stays north. morning fog clearing to the coast. will be warm inland. low clouds, sunny inland. cool at the coast a few 70's if you are far enough away from any fog influence. looks like almost getting closer to that summertime outlook. 50s, 60s by the water. upper 60s to -- well you know. >> you can make another appearance of the easter bunny. >> probably chocolate eggs still somewhere. >> i'm sure. thank you. the government has a warning for anyone who plans to fly somewhere this summer they say arrive at the airport earlier than usual. the transportation safety administration said are you likely to face long lines at security checkpoints. tsa said that's because a program offered to cut wait
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times isn't proving as popular as expected. the tsa thought it's precheck program would have about 25 million members by now but there are only nine million precheck members can be screened twice as fast as other travelers because they don't have to take off your shoes or belts and don't have to rehe move their laptops or liquid from their carry on bags. it costs from $85 to $100 for five-years. one traveler we talked to said enrolling in the program is worth it, especially when airports are crowded. >> you could find yourself waiting 30 minutes or more in the other line and going through the tsa you breeze through and i don't think it takes more than five minutes. so it's -- very, very convenient. >> tsa cut the number of screeners by 10%. believing the precheck program would be popular. the state department is now apologizing for atwitter it posted that seems to be spring
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break travel advice specifically for unattractive americans. now want to show you the tweeter. it warn people who are not a ten they should beware of being lured in to buying expensive drinks or being robbed. it was meant to warn of potential scams started by personal compliments but the reaction on social media was mostly sarcasm or anger. the state department posted a series of tweets directed at american students heading overseas for spring break using the hash tag spring breaking badly. time now is 4:20. trouble in the water off australia's coast. >> that point on -- something had gone horribly wrong. >> how this man jumped in to action to save a surfer being attacked by a shark.
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a professional surfer is in serious condition this morning after being attacked by a shark off the australian coast. the 22-year-old was surfing at about 7:00 last night when he was grabbed by a shark. authorities say that his friend and fellow surfer heard his screams and jumped in to action to help save his life. people on the beach also jumped into help. >> just had all this -- paddalled as hard as i could toward him and lost sight of him at one point. as a wave broke over him. >> he suffered certainly bites
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to his legs and had injuries to his hands. he was also given a blood transfusion before being taken to the hospital. experts are looking at his wounds to determine the size of the shark and what kind it was. two sea turtles are getting the treatment they need. they were flown by the coast guard from oregon to san diego yesterday this are at sea world where they are under going long term rehabilitation. when they were found in oregon they were suffering severe hypothermia and other problems. it they will eventually be be released back in to the wild movement crabbers have brought back their first catch of the long delayed season. they pulled into fisherman's wharf and unloaded the crab. one said that it was a cam compared to the start of the last season. in november of 2014 he pulled in five tons. yesterday he pulled in he said
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about a ton. others say it was slim pickings as well. the season was delayed for four months because of a toxic algae bloom. the park in santa clara has undergone several enhancements in an anticipation of the upcoming season. along with the fun excitement found in great america the park has added new attractions including a 4d experience called mass effect new earth. that set to open in the coming weeks. great america has also made is easier for guests to pay for transactions while inside the park. >> we introduce a cashless game system where guests will be able to carry a card they can recharge and reuse on multiple visits. everything done to increase the guest sanction and their convenience. >> the other attraction that's been added this year is winterfest during the holidays the park will be transformed in to a winter wonderland complete with an ice skating rink. time now is 4:25. the future of the raiders may be in the hands of the voters,
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may be in the hands of voters the chargers sponsoring a ballot measure to ask vet vote tore fund a two billion dollar stadium and convention center in downtown. they also have the appearance to join the ramsf. they decide to stay in san diego the option to join the rams in la would be give tone raiders owner mark davis. caitlyn jeb certify playing in the tournament of the year. she made a splash right away at the a in a inspiration proam yesterday. the 66-year-old eaglelled the first hole. >> yeah. >> you thought it was me. >> 7:00 a.m. 52 degrees out. boom. in the hole. >> generaller played -- jenner played in a group with abby womack, and two other amateurs.
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trump on damage control. his controversial comments about swim abortion that now has him back tracking. >> and nobody knows what it looks like but that's not stopping all the people prosecute lining up to preorder the new model 3. why this one is especially appealing for some drivers. >> good morning. we are looking at a drive where traffic is actually doing very well in many areas including the bay brian getting in to san francisco. >> pretty big fog bank. that will keep the coast on the cooler side. inland temperatures continue to bump up a little bit.
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good morning. women cull come to mornings on 2. i'm brian flores. cam cook will be here at five. before that happens let's check in with stephon your weather and it's shaping up to be a
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nice day. >> inland. inland. >> yeah. still fog bank. >> yeah. for the end of march, yeah. that low cloud deck has temperatures yesterday from reaching 60 degrees and i expect similar today. upper 50s. low 60s coast and bay. there is a lot more to go around this morning. inland temperatures will start to creep up again a couple of degrees. san francisco, areas of fog, 52 degrees. low clouds look like -- always sun in the city. some of the neighborhoods get that. going for a high of 58 today. will stay on the cool side. low clouds and fog look likely will be with us here and then will peel back. mostly cloud cover from off the sierra from the low. 40s and 50s a lot more 50s here than we have seen the past couple mornings. i doubt we get any 30s maybe isn't that correct santa cruz mountains. these are running much warmer than yesterday. overall the fog, once that burns back we are in between systems. one out of the northern rocky is and


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